Fraxel Dual laser

Treatment overview

The Fraxel® brand is recognised throughout the world. Its operation involves production of thousands of micro-damages (not visible to the naked eye), which provokes healing processes in the body, including production of new collagen. Clinically, the improvement involves the effect of skin “constriction”, renewal of uneven epidermis, filling of various scars and removal of discolourations. The difference between conventional lasers for so-called laser dermabrasion is that the time of convalescence – after the Fraxel® treatment, it is usually approximately 2 days! Another advantage is unprecedented patient safety.

Fraxel Dual® is another edition of Fraxel® lasers. The difference is related to placement of two devices in the system. Apart from the classical Fraxel, the therapist may use another laser wave length, responsible for effective removal of discolourations. Amazing effects are usually achieved already after one treatment, and the time of convalescence, in the form of visible dark spots, is on average 4 days.

Considering high efficacy of the treatment and low nuisance to the patient, it may be referred to as the gold standard of aesthetic laser therapy.

Is this a painful treatment?

The patient usually experiences stinging, which is well tolerated. To reduce the patient’s discomfort, an anaesthetic ointment is applied before the treatment. In case of more intensive treatments, oral analgesics may be taken.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

During one Fraxel® laser treatment, approximately 20%-25% of the treated skin area is exposed. The results are instant and progressing. Moreover, Fraxel® laser light stimulates deeper layers of the skin to produce new collagen, whose production decreases with the passage of time. The optimum effect is usually achieved after 2-3 months.

Most patients will see a difference already a few days after the treatment. However, a true advantage is “shaping” of collagen fibres in the deep skin layers. As a result, the patient will experience gradual improvement, smoothing and improvement in the skin tension over a year after the series of treatments.

Changes in the epidermis and collagen fibres caused by Fraxel® laser therapy are durable; yet, sunlight, passage of time and gravity do have impact. Fraxel® Laser “turns back the clock”, but it will not stop it.

Therapy schedule

Clinical studies suggest that best results are achieved after a series of 3-5 treatments, performed at 2-4-week intervals. Depending on the size and location of the lesion, the doctor – in agreement with the patient – may decide to prolong the time between particular treatments. Each session may last from 10 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the treated area.

Post-treatment recommendations

Despite high efficacy of this type of laser, the time of intensive convalescence is usually 2 days. That is why most patients choose the end of the week for the treatment day. During convalescence, mild skin swelling and redness can be expected. Minor erythema and skin unevenness may remain on the skin for up to one week after the treatment. Makeup may be worn during this time. Use of soothing creams is recommended for up to one week, as well as refraining from going to the swimming pool or the sauna. Just like after any laser treatment, 4-week protection against sun radiation is mandatory.

Contraindications and adverse effects

  • Fresh suntan (tanning is prohibited for 2-4 weeks before the treatment)
  • Taking of light-sensitizing medicines
  • Viral infections (herpes) and bacterial infections of the skin to be treated
  • Pregnancy

Adverse effects are extremely rare and they include:

  • Burning
  • Post-treatment discolouration
  • Superficial scars
  • Uneven skin surface after the treatment


  • Correction of fine wrinkles,
  • Rejuvenation of the face skin,
  • Scars of various origin,
  • Discolourations of various types,
  • Keratosis caused by the sun,
  • Stretch marks,
  • Reduction of the pore size,
  • Improvement of the quality/density of the skin.
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