Treatment overview

New treatment, which cannot be compared to any of the currently known aesthetic treatments. Designed to ensure non-invasive face lift, it provides you with effects comparable only with those offered by plastic surgery.

The treatment involves concentration of ultrasound energy in selected places and at predefined depth, which results in distinctive uplift as well as considerable firming of the skin. Moreover, this is the only device which allows visualisation of subcutaneous tissue during the treatment, which ensures outstanding effectiveness and precision.

Ulthera™ counteracts the forces of gravity, reducing skin sagging and flabbiness which increase with age. Effects of this face treatment include a visible lift of the eyebrows. Thanks to that, your glance becomes more open, and the face gets a refreshed, younger expression and appearance. The lifting effect, namely the uplift and increased skin tension, may also be achieved in other crucial areas which clearly influence the shape of the face and appearance of the neck, such as the cheeks, lower jaw line or the chin. Face shaping is exceptionally precise, and skin rejuvenation is spectacular.

Application of the superficial converter to allow distinct and natural correction of fine wrinkles in “difficult” areas of lower eyelids and lips is a novelty.

Is this a painful treatment?

Ulthera™ does not cause major discomfort. The patient may feel a slight pain, which lasts for a few seconds, only during the therapeutical impact. However, it may be neutralised by taking an OTC analgesic (such as paracetamol) half an hour before the treatment. Anti-inflammatory medicines are not to be taken.

Because of sensitivity of the upper lip area, patients should be anaesthetised locally or dentally before the procedure.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

Duration of the treatment’s effects depends on the patient’s individual characteristics and properties of the patient’s skin. What is important, approximately 20% of the target effect may be enjoyed immediately after the treatment. The lifting effect and skin tension builds gradually over 90 days after the procedure – this is how long production of new collagen takes. The effect lasts for at least 18 months.

Therapy schedule

In most cases, the Ulthera procedure is only performed once! Duration of the treatment is from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the selected area. Technically, it involves placing the head of the device on the skin; it emits ultrasound waves, which penetrate deep into the tissues. By controlling impact depth, we can cause superficial or deep constriction, which ensures a full and lasting lifting of the skin and underlying tissues. Patients who wish to deepen this effect may repeat the procedure, but no sooner than after 3 months.

Post-treatment recommendations

The treatment does not require convalescence; you may immediately return to your daily activity. Mild erythema, which will remain for no more than half an hour, may appear on the skin after the treatment. Slight swelling, which may be visible for no more than one or two days, occurs extremely rarely. The treated area may be more tender and more sensitive to the touch for a few days after the procedure.

Contraindications and adverse effects

Contraindications against the Ulthera™ treatments are open wounds or lesions on the face, acne, metal stents, bioabsorbable mechanical implants, implanted electrical devices. Another contraindication is anti-thrombosis therapy, active systemic or skin disease which may hinder regeneration, as well haemorrhagic disorders or other haemostatic dysfunctions.


  • Non-invasive lift of the face
  • Non-invasive lift of the forehead and eyebrows
  • Firming of the eyelids and the eye area
  • Non-invasive lift of the chin and neck
  • NEW! Correction of fine wrinkles of the lower eyelids and the lips area


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