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ULTRAFORMER - noninvasive body and face lifting

ULTRAFORMER - noninvasive body and face lifting

Procedure description

ULTRAFORMER procedure is intended for gaining a long-term effect of the body and face lifting, visible just after one procedure. ULTRAFORMER is a device using HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) technology, it is a focused ultrasound for heating tissues such as skin, adipose tissue and muscles. As a result of a selective heating, tissues tend to shrink and additionally microdamages occur, which stimulate production of new collagen.

Basic approaches of ULTRAFORMER are as follows:

  • Opportunity to firm any body part!
  • Achieving effect after just one procedure.
  • No convalescence- a patient returns to his/her daily routine on the following day.
  • Opportunity to make the procedure throughout the year, regardless sun exposure.
  • Gradual improvement of firmness up to 3 months after the procedure.
  • Long-time effect.
  • Moderate pain only during the procedure.


ULTRAFORMER procedure fulfils expectations of numerous patients suffering from loss of skin firmness regarding areas of the body and face. HIFU technology have been used for years with many successes in the area of face and currently is applied to firm almost any body part. The procedure is as follows: the tip of the converter is repeatedly applied on the body, heating the tissue at various depths, depending on anatomical conditions (accessible convertors: 9mm, 6mm, 4.5 mm, 3mm and 1.5 mm) and expected effect (minor wrinkles- 1.5 mm convertor, flabby abdomen- 9 mm convertor).


Is the procedure painful?

The procedure usually does not requires any anaesthesia. Very sensitive persons may have regional anaesthesia in the form of ointment. The clinic offers also inhalation anesthesia with nitrous oxide, so called laughing gas.

When the effect occurs and how long does it remain?

  • Maximal effect takes place after 2-3 months. Immediately after the procedure beneficial change is observed at the beginning.
  • There are no data available on the length of the effect on the body. The same technology is applied in the area of the face and lasts approximately for 2 years.


ULTRAFORMER - noninvasive body and face lifting

ULTRAFORMER - noninvasive body and face lifting

ULTRAFORMER - noninvasive body and face lifting

ULTRAFORMER - noninvasive body and face lifting

Therapy scheme

The procedure is always preceded with an interview i.a. in the subject of the patient's expectations. The specialist informs the patient on possible consequences of the planned therapy.  Any decisions shall be included in the Consent for medical treatment form. We encourage to print the document earlier, to read it thoroughly, and finally to place your signature at every page.

Immediately before the procedure, the person performing it estimates its scope and depth at which it should be performed. Convertors of various depth are applied on the corrected place. Single energy release is felt as a gentle sting and heat propagation. Average time of the procedure is between 30 minutes up to 2 hours. Just after the procedure, that patient may have a slight skin rash, which may remain for c. 30 minutes. Immediately after the procedure the patient may return to his/her daily routine.

At the patient's wish another procedure can be performed after 3 months.

Another treatment regimen is as follows: application of smaller number of impulses at one time and repeating the procedure once a month for 3 successive months. Advantages of this regimen is diminished pain and lower price per a procedure.  


Post procedure recommendations

  • After the procedure the patient may return to his/her regular daily routine.


Contraindication and side effects

  • inflammation in the place of the performed procedure,
  • skin changes in the place of the performed procedure, 
  • herpes in the place of the performed procedure,
  • pregnancy,
  • neoplastic disease.


For a couple of days the treated places may be slightly aching and a little oedema may occur. Very rarely a single bruise may occur. These symptoms retreat after 2-3 days and bruises after 7-14 days.

ULTRAFORMER procedure is a non-invasive procedure, of exceptional beneficial safety profile. Extremely rarely skin burns may appear in form of linear thickenings, usually they retreat after few weeks. Atrophic scars were also observed.


  • Flabby skin of arms, abdomen, breasts, buttocks, thighs and knees
  • Rigidity of skin after substantial loss of body mass, pregnancy
  • Preventive treatment for loss of firmness after lose weight
  • Cheek, neck and forehead lifting
  • Rejuvenation of neckline


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