Treatment overview

The latest generation VPL Energist Ultra (Variable Pulsed Light) system designed for the treatment of skin imperfections, photo-rejuvenation, permanent removal of hair, vascular lesions and for the treatment of rosacea and active acne. VPL Energist Ultra – effective in repairing skin defects (erythema, dilated capillaries, acne, acne scars, discolourations) and in long-term skin regeneration and care programme (anti-aging).


In case of hair removal treatments, light is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair. The temperature the hair is heated to prevents its growth.

In case of rejuvenation treatments, the dermis structures absorb the light and repair damage caused by skin aging and influence of the sunlight.

Rejuvenation treatments may be carried out in order to repair certain skin defects (wrinkles, dilated capillaries, discolourations, acne) or as part of a long-term skin care programme. Moreover, heating of deeper skin layers stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which results in removal of minor wrinkles.

Is this a painful treatment?

VPL™ is a patented variation of IPL whose operation involves generation of a series of quick and short flashes within one visible flash. Energist Ultra™ allows adjustment of both their number, intervals and the duration of particular micro-flashes. This allows effective operation, along with limited heating of surrounding tissues, which makes the method nearly painless and more efficient.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

VPL renders very good results in case of reduction of a network of fine red blood vessels and minor discolourations – signs of photo-aging (the effect is visible instantly or after a few days).

Skin density improvement is also noticeable thanks to provoking production of type III collagen (the effect appears after 21-30 days).

Good effects are also observed in case of IPL exposure as a supporting therapy in the treatment of common acne (NOTE: in case of male patients, the undesired side effect of reduced hair quantity in the exposed area is possible).

Least spectacular effects of IPL exposure is observed in case of epilation treatments.

Therapy schedule

For best effects, treatments should preferably be performed in a series.

  • Epilation: 4-6 treatments at 3-4-week intervals
  • Photo-rejuvenation: 4-5 treatments at 3-4-week intervals, with treatments repeated 2 times a year to sustain the effects
  • Closing of blood vessels: 3-5 treatments at 3-4-week intervals
  • Removal of discolourations: 4-5 treatments at 3-4-week intervals

Post-treatment recommendations

  • On the days following the treatment, application of soothing creams, e.g. Bephanten, is recommended, usually for 1-2 days;
  • Do not use cosmetics in irritated and reddened areas, except for special dermocosmetics – until disappearance of the symptoms;
  • Protect the treated areas against the sunlight by applying 50+ sun protection products;
  • Avoid treatments involving expansion of blood vessels – sauna, infrared, Sollux;
  • In case of other symptoms, contact the doctor who performed the treatment.

Contraindications and adverse effects

  • Intensive sun tanning (minimum 3 weeks before the treatment)
  • Application of self-tanning creams
  • Creams containing retinol
  • Photo-sensitising medicines and herbs;
  • B-carotene
  • Unbalanced diabetes
  • Leucodermia
  • Active infection in the treated area
  • Tendency to develop keloids
  • Aspirin (1 week before the treatment)

Energist Ultra™ is a system which does not cause virtually any side effects. Treatments with Ultra TM™ are quick, safe and effective in the case of various skin phototypes and kinds of hair.


  • Small discolourations,
  • Network of dilated small blood vessels,
  • Reduced quantity of collagen in the skin,
  • Common acne, rosacea,
  • Epilation.
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