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Desirial – intimate comfort restoration

Desirial – intimate comfort restoration

Treatment overview

The Desirial treatment ensures a lasting effect of soothing the symptoms and elimination of anatomical changes within the vagina and vulva, strengthens the skin structure, improves its firmness and elasticity.

Research evidences that vaginal dryness symptoms appear in one in six women. Dryness of the vagina and/or the vulva may develop in women of any age, as a result of administration of, among others, isotretinoin, antidepressants, antipsychotics, etc. or as a symptom which appears during the menopause period, particularly if no hormone replacement therapy is applied.

Partial or complete labia majora atrophy is another common ailment. It involves atrophy of the underlying labia majora fatty layer and overall atrophic processes within the skin and tissues. The ailment may result from genetic reasons or develop at the post-menopausal age as a symptom accompanying very advanced vaginal dryness stadia.

Active women are particularly exposed to unpleasant ailments – reduced labia insufficiently protect those areas from mechanical damage. Cycling, horseback riding or even intense fitness classes become connected with painful abrasions. If this happens, many women tend to give up their favourite activities.

The treatment involves administration into the labia majora subcutaneous tissue of a special preparation containing a water binding hydrating compound, enriched with mannitol. The preparation is administered by means of a special cannula with a very small diameter (usually one insertion with the diameter of 1-2 mm).

Desirial – intimate comfort restoration


  • Biostimulation or restoration of proper hydration of the middle and deep dermis layers
  • Increased volume and hydration of the skin
  • Filling and shaping
  • Restoration of two regular labia with the same size/volume

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Is this a painful treatment?

Before the treatment, the doctor prepares the place where the injection is to be performed by applying local anaesthesia using cream or an injection. In case of most patients, the treatment is completely painless.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

  • The effect is instant, with its maximum visible after 2 weeks, and it lasts for 1 to 2 years
  • Within 2 weeks of the Desirial treatment, the treated area increases its volume by app. 20-30%
  • The preparation is enriched with mannitol – antioxidant which additionally protects hyaluronic acid from absorption and prolongs its effects

Therapy schedule

The procedure is always preceded with medical history interview covering, among others, the patient's expectations. The specialist informs the patient of possible impact of the planned therapy onto sex life. All arrangements are written down in the Treatment consent form. You are encouraged to print the document in advance, study it thoroughly and sign each page of it.

By means of a cannula, the doctor distributes the preparation in the labia majora skin. The preparation is administered symmetrically – into both labia.

The number of performed treatments is determined by the patient's individual needs.

Post-treatment recommendations

  • After the treatment, the patient may return to her normal activity.
  • For 1-2 weeks, significant pressure onto the treated area is to be avoided – therefore, horseback riding and cycling are not recommended.

Contraindications and adverse effects

  • inflammation of the vulva
  • skin lesions of the vulvar area which require prior histological verification
  • symptoms of a cold
  • herpes
  • pregnancy

For a few days, the areas where the preparation was administered may be slightly painful or slight swelling may develop. These symptoms will disappear after 2-3 days.

Any woman undergoing aesthetic gynaecology treatments must remember that these do not substitute for regular strictly gynaecological examinations and check-ups.


  • insufficient vaginal lubrication
  • coexisting irritations causing itching and discomfort
  • predisposition for labia majora atrophy
  • feeling of tension and burning
  • vulvodynia
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