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VaginalNarrower – innovative crotch lift thread

VaginalNarrower – innovative crotch lift thread

Treatment overview

The crotch lift treatment using Vaginal Narrower® threads is performed in case of functional and cosmetic defects connected with excessively wide vaginal entrance, most frequently resulting from natural labour as well as crotch incision and suturing procedures.

In some cases, it is also performed in women who did not give natural labour or who underwent labour without crotch incision/rupture. Moreover, patients with a wide vaginal entrance frequently complain about the sensation of increased quantity of secretion which irritates the vulvar area, causing sores or secondary infections of external reproductive organs. Vaginal Narrower effectively eliminates this problem.

The patient's motivation to undergo this treatment usually results from reduced sex life quality, caused by the feeling of "loose" vaginal entrance, usually accompanied by a cosmetic defect in the crotch area. As a general rule, the treatment is proposed to women before the age of 60. In some cases, it may replace plastic surgery of the rear vaginal wall.

The Vaginal Narrower procedure involves application of anchoring threads with hooks arranged in two directions. One or two threads are introduced through 4-6 very small and shallow incisions of the crotch skin within the subcutaneous tissue and muscle located shallowly under the skin. Once the threads are tied, the procedure ends. Two Vaginal Narrower® threads are only applied in case of more severe defects. In other cases, a single thread is sufficient.

Treatment advantages:

  • Improved vagina and crotch comfort and functioning
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Low treatment invasiveness
  • Hospitalisation is not required
  • Performed under local anaesthesia
  • Quick healing and quick return to regular activity, already after a few days

Long-term effect which lasts even for several years.

Is this a painful treatment?

The treatment is performed within the one-day surgery system, using a local anaesthetic.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

Vaginal Narrower provides instant results: it narrows the vaginal entrance, correcting the aesthetic defect. Threads applied during the procedure cause a fibrosis reaction, which results in development of the so-called "secondary vector of pull", which makes the effects last even after the threads are absorbed.

Therapy schedule

The therapy begins with a discussion of the Patient (her partner) with a gynaecologist concerning, among others, problems of their intimate life before the treatment and related expectations afterwards. The specialist provides information on possible consequences of the planned therapy for the sex life and examines the Patient's preferences with respect to the vaginal entrance size. All arrangements are written down in the Treatment consent form. You are encouraged to print the document in advance, study it thoroughly and sign each page of it.

Before qualification to undergo the treatment, a medical history interview and gynaecological examination, including vaginoscopy, are carried out. Patients qualified for the Vaginal Narrower® treatment ought to have an up to date cytology result.

The first half of the menstrual cycle is the optimum phase for performing the treatment.

Post-treatment recommendations

Recovery after Vaginal Narrower® is short and the patient usually returns to her regular activity within just a few days, whereas pain-free sexual activity may be undertaken a few weeks after the treatment. Local administration of disinfecting intimate hygiene products is recommended after the treatment until the beginning of the next menstrual flow.

Contraindications and adverse effects

  • acute inflammation of the vagina and vulva (the procedure may be conducted once the infection is healed)
  • allergy to drugs used for the anaesthesia
  • severe and rare blood coagulability disorders
  • period of menstrual flow or other kinds of vaginal bleeding
  • neoplastic disease located in the reproductive organs area
  • pregnancy
  • early puerperium, when vaginal discharge is still produced

Complications after the Vaginal Narrower® treatment happen very seldom and they are usually not dangerous to the health or life, e.g. haemorrhagic or infectious. No severe complications after the treatment have been reported so far.


  • Loose vaginal entrance
  • Reduced crotch tissue tension
  • Postnatal anatomic and functional crotch defect
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