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Prenatal massages – elimination of your afflictions

Prenatal massages – elimination of your afflictions

Not only are the massages proposed by the Clinic supposed to deliver a relaxing and beautifying effect, but also to soothe most frequent pregnancy related afflictions – such as swelling, back and spine pains which make women feel heavy and make their everyday functioning more difficult. We will help you overcome such problems and make you feel better, which will keep your body in a good condition until childbirth.

Skin massage stimulates microcirculation and functioning of the lymphatic system – i.e. constitutes swelling prevention, whereas massaged muscles become elastic which guarantees relaxing relief and a good physical condition.

Series of regular massages ought to begin already before planned conception. If massages are planned when you are already pregnant, consultation of the leading gynaecologist is required. This applies especially to the first trimester, as it is not certain how the body will react.

There is no one formula for pregnancy massage and, therefore, our specialists develop individual treatment programmes. One treatment is not enough to feel and see the effects – you should visit the Clinic at least once in every 2 weeks.

Spine massage

This massage applies above all techniques for relaxing paraspinal muscles which must be very active during pregnancy and their general physical condition must be good. The massage is supposed to restore the original physiological condition of tissues and relieve pain, while making the patient feel calm and relaxed.

Shoulder massage

Muscle loosening back massage focusing above all on the most loaded spine sections. Painful muscle tensions along the spine and neck are relaxed during a session of up to 45 minutes. The massage is safe, performed while you lie on your side, in a position which will let the mum-to-be relax.

Massage advantages:

  • quick relaxation
  • loosening of muscles
  • improved blood and lymph circulation
  • spine pains
  • lumbosacral and interscapular pains

Lymphatic massage

Stimulation of certain points on the body causes better nutrition and functioning of cells, as well as proper regulation of blood circulation and functioning of internal organs. Massaged skin becomes more firm and elastic. Metabolism of fat tissue and metabolism in the dermal and subcutaneous areas as well as in muscles is improved. The massage prevents insufficiency of peripheral circulation, particularly in lower limbs, and eliminates the effect of "heavy" legs.
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