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Special facial cosmetic procedures

Many people do not know that at least some of the potential pregnancy afflictions can be easily alleviated or even eliminated. This is the aim of cosmetic procedures which will easily and, above all, absolutely safely bring relief and allow enjoy this unique state again. Our offer includes procedures developed by brands whose research laboratories developed preparations addressed exclusively to mums-to-be.

During pregnancy, the skin in an exceptional scale undergoes various adaptation and hormonal processes occurring in the body of the mother. Skin care, entrusted to professionals who will give you refined and safe care, is extremely important during this period. Treatment of irritations, reduction of the tendency to dryness or greasiness will guarantee quick restoration of the skin's condition from before the pregnancy or even considerably better.

The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is, moreover, the right time to relax and care for your own and your baby's wellbeing. This special and magical time does not force you to stop visiting the clinic. To the contrary, the clinic's specialists will choose the safest, most efficient and most pleasant treatments for the mum-to-be at each pregnancy stage.

Intraceuticals Rejuvenate

Rejuvenating, regenerating treatment which fills wrinkles and improves skin firmness and density. The treatment is also dedicated to young skin for its protection, revitalisation and regeneration. After the treatment, the skin is radiant, nourished, strongly hydrated, whereas wrinkles are less visible. Effects are visible after the first treatment already.

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Selvert Cell Vitale Hydratante

Unique treatment developed specially for dehydrated skin, showing first signs of cell oxidation. Restores balance in the hydrolipid layer and – more importantly – prevents water loss and optimally protects it in the skin.

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Bioline Hydratante

Treatment designed for "fatigued" skin. Maintains and increases skin hydration and protects it from getting dehydrated again. It uses large quantities of hydrating and hydro-protecting substances, transported by means of special and innovative carrier systems

Bioline "Sweet Scrub" – sensual feast on the basis of ground rice, sweet almonds and sugar

For hypersensitive skin with dilated capillaries, reactive and with a tendency to become irritated. Protects, makes capillaries tight, reduces their permeability and fragility. Regenerates, increases elasticity and refreshes the skin. The treatment has an anti-inflammatory effect. It provides deep hydration, softens and smoothens the skin. Protects against free radicals and excessive UV radiation.
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