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Special cosmetic treatments during the breastfeeding period

Special cosmetic treatments during the breastfeeding period

Pregnancy and childbirth were an enormous effort to your body. It takes some time to find yourself in this new role and you should not undertake serious challenges right at the beginning. Convalescence after childbirth and taking care of the little one are already a significant effort to the woman. That is why mums deserve both little and big pleasures and, above all, free time to take care of themselves. Let us begin with little and pleasant things.

A cosmetic treatment will give you nice relaxation and let you rest from your daily routine, while taking care of your complexion exposed to major hormonal changes during pregnancy. Another advantage of the treatments presented below is the fact that they may be performed almost instantly after childbirth, i.e. during the breastfeeding period.

RVB Holystic Beauty Thay – Amma Deva

Treatments may begin as soon as 15 days after childbirth, they are absolutely safe for the Mum and Baby.

Cell vitale regenerating treatment

Revolutionary, one of the best treatments which retard ageing. It protects and prolongs the life of skin mother cells, increases their vitality and slows down the ageing process. By stimulating skin cell renewal, it restores its young appearance and natural radiance. The treatment reduces and firms the chin. It demonstrates good influence onto superficial blood circulation and skin water management. It improves oxygen supply to the cells and restores proper skin metabolism.

Cell vitale Cell moisturising treatment

Unique treatment formulated specially for dehydrated skin, demonstrating the first signs of cell oxidation. Designed to restore balance in the hydrolipid layer and, more importantly, prevent  transdermal loss of water and secure its maximum quantity in the skin.


Four treatments, performed individually or as a series of 6 treatments. Each of them uses the Rejuvenate Serum as the basis – to ensure deep hydration, lift and firmness after each treatment. The strengthened Intraceuticals Serums contain special ingredients, released and activated while the treatment is performed. The cosmetologist will recommend them as an “enhancement” for a regular Rejuvenate treatment or to tailor the programme of a 6-treatment series.



The treatment involves spraying the abrasive product onto the skin surface, followed by suction to lift it up. Suction also removes the exfoliated cornified epidermis. The method allows gradual, controlled, mechanical exfoliation of the epidermis, layer by layer, in the desired degree, considering individual needs of the skin.

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