Professional treatment platinum

Professional treatment platinum

The first symptoms of both chronological aging and photo-aging, such as atonicity, dry skin, uneven skin tone, blemishes and mimic wrinkles may be visible even at a young age. Therefore, Forlle’d Laboratory isolated an ingredient to prevent premature aging. It was possible owing to the discovery of biologically compatible and highly effective platinum, with strong anti-oxidizing properties. This is what led to creation of the Platinum Line, designed to effectively prevent photo-aging, blemishes and skin flabbiness.

Low-molecular, ionized platinum is resistant to all kinds of free radicals, wherefore it effectively defends the skin against the main cause of photo-aging. Platinum, which is biologically compatible with the skin and demonstrates outstanding anti-oxidizing properties, constitutes the core of the anti-aging platinum series. Platinum-based products demonstrate visible detoxifying effect and work great against all types of blemishes.

This comprehensive anti-aging treatment is based on low-molecular platinum.

  • prevents photo-aging of the skin, demonstrates strong anti-oxidizing properties;
  • stimulates skin renewal, improves its structure and restores young look;
  • normalizes skin pigmentation and prevents age-related blemishes;
  • demonstrates detoxifying properties, reduces imperfections;
  • leaves the skin bright, radiant, smooth and visibly rested. 
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