Rejuvenate + Collagen - Home Care

Rejuvenate + Collagen - Home Care

How long does the Home Care Booster last? 

  • Number of pump presses required to release the first portion of the product: 4.
  • Average number of pumped out product portions: 66.
  • Number of pumped out product portions for one application: 1.
  • Number of daily applications: 1.
  • One package will be enough for 66 days. 

Application of Home Care Boosters:

  • Boosters are most efficient with Daily Serum – they improve hydration, facilitate the supply of ingredients and intensify their effects.
  • May be applied individually (higher consumption) or with Hydration Gel.
  • May also be applied underneath any other Intraceuticals products.
  • Formulated to cooperate with one another – thus, different Boosters may be applied alternately in the morning and in the evening.
  • Boosters may be applied to the eye area, but should be introduced into the care programme gradually and, during the first week, applied every other day.
  • No risk of mistake, as they may be applied individually or in any combination.

How to apply:


Application in the morning and in the evening. The manufacturer recommends use of other Boosters to take full care of your skin’s needs.

Example: in the morning, apply Antioxidant Booster, and in the evening, alternately – Vitamin A and Collagen Boosters.

Example: in the morning, apply Vitamin C Booster or Antioxidant Booster, and in the evening – Vitamin A Booster.


Gives a beautiful lift to the skin; therefore, may be applied in the morning and in the evening. In the evening, Collagen Booster may be applied before going to sleep in order to take advantage of the night skin regeneration properties.


  • in the morning, apply Collagen and Vitamin C Boosters alternately, whereas
  • in the evening, apply Vitamin A and Collagen Boosters alternately.
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