Opulence – brightening of discolourations

Treatment duration: 1h40’

Treatment for brightening of discolourations and pigment spots. Curly dock extract and alpha arbutin powerfully reduce excessive pigment secretion in the skin. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is considerably brightened, discolourations are reduced and the face looks brighter. Moreover, the treatment contains hyaluronic acid, which maintains proper skin hydration and density.


  • Brighter and more radiant, healthy and vital look
  • Reduced uneven pigmentation (discolourations)
  • Equalized colour
  • Hydration, soothing, restored balance
  • Fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced
  • Smoothness and softness in touch
  • Psoriasis, eczema, collagen related diseases, certain kinds of hives and chronic efflorescences, atopic skin condition
  • For all skin kinds, at any age, in particular for those with excessive pigmentation (discolourations, spots)
  • Signs of aging: wrinkles, lines, sagging, insufficient tightness and firmness, dehydration

Home care products:

Brightening Cleanser Gel

40 ml

Mildly foaming cleansing gel, which thoroughly cleanses and eliminates impurities. Leaves the skin clean, soft and bright.

Brightening Hydration Gel

40 ml

Light, non-greasy, moisture rich gel for all skin types. As the second stage in hyaluronic layering, it actively fights skin dehydration and creates an invisible barrier preventing the loss of moisture.

Brightening Moisture Cream

40 ml

Light, nutritives rich cream constituting the third stage in hyaluronic layering. Ideal for all skin types. This cream soothes and heals, captures moisture and helps balance skin colour.

Brightening Wand Oxygen

1,7 ml

Concentrated brightening complex, specially developed for unevenly pigmented skin. Handy form of the pen lets you always carry it with you. Continuous and regular application helps maintain radiance and even colour of the skin.

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