Treatment duration: 1h40’

Rejuvenating and regenerating treatment, which fills in wrinkles and improves skin firmness and density. The treatment is designed for all skin types, even young skin, for the protection, revitalisation and regeneration of the skin. Particularly recommended to persons struggling with dull, tired and loosened skin. After the treatment, the complexion is radiant, nourished, strongly moisturised, wrinkles are less visible. The effect is visible already after the first treatment.


  • Younger appearance, radiance and vitality
  • Deeply moisturises and nourishes, balances
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Corrects the contours, thickens and increases firmness
  • Visible lifting, clarity, new freshness
  • The skin looks brighter and is smoother in touch
  • For all skin types, at any age
  • Signs of aging: wrinkles, lines, sagging, lack of tightness and firmness, dehydration
  • For tired, stressed, dull skins and skins with insufficient oxygen supply
  • Anti-aging, anti-radical, hydrating
  • Prolongs the effect of injections and other aesthetic procedures

Home care products:

Cleansing Gel

50 ml

Light product with the gel consistency, thoroughly cleanses and prepares the skin to take maximum advantage of the Intraceuticals infusion and products which support the treatment.

Hydration Gel

40 ml

Light, not greasy, moisture rich gel for all kinds of skin.

As the second stage in hyaluronic layering, it actively fights skin dehydration and creates an invisible barrier preventing the loss of moisture.

Rejuvenating Daily Serum

30 ml

Specially formulated professional grade Rejuvenating Daily Serum, based on the Rejuvenate Infusion. Instantly lifts, tightens and provides the best possible hydration. Provides conditioning and active anti-aging ingredients into the skin, fundamentally changing its appearance and wellbeing.

Prolongs the results and effects of the Infusion. Creates a perfect base under the makeup. The formula of the Infusion serum is enriched with a mixture of bisabolol (camomile) and ginger root extract.

Moisture Binding Cream

40 ml

Light, nutritives rich cream – third stage of the hyaluronic layering. Ideal for all skin types. As a healing and treatment formula, it contains the necessary mixture of vegetal oils, vitamins A, C and E and green tea to capture the moisture, provide protection and enhance resilience to the harmful influence of the environment and premature aging.

Contour Eye Gel

15 ml

Ultra concentrated gel with hyaluronic acid in double concentration – for deep hydration and visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

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