Procedure description

Beyond 25 years of age, youth cells (fibroblasts) produce less collagen and elastin. This process results in signs of skin ageing, which occur in form of wrinkles, facial contour changes and loss of its natural glow.

This exclusive anti-ageing technique leads to increasing skin density in order to remove signs of ageing. LPG Lifts generates micro-boosts acting on the skin surface, which stimulate youth cells and reactivate natural production of collagen and elastin.

  • emphasizes facial oval
  • immediately brightens your complexion
  • fills the lines and wrinkles from inside

Is this procedure painful?

The procedure may be described as nice and painless. There is sensation of a mild patting in and suction on the face.

Therapy plan

After individual face evaluation and setting goals to be achieved, the procedure program is established, which includes one or two sessions per week, over two months. This patented anti-ageing technique is 100% natural and painless.

Endermolift set, which matches your skin type, will be also offered to you:


  • 3 Lifts set (for normal or sensitive skin)
  • headband
  • sample of LPG Pro-Collagen Firming cream

Post-procedural recommendations

In order to obtain the best possible results of anti-ageing procedures, your individual Endermolift™ program should be combined with LPG® Technical Care, leading line of cosmetics inspired by Endermologie®.

LPG® Technical Care »


  • herpes
  • infections and inflammations in acne
  • albinism
  • neoplasm
  • infections,  skin rashes
  • inflammations
  • anticoagulants
  • hemopathies


  • increasing skin density in anti-ageing
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