American radio wave technology in rejuvenation

  • Improves skin quality 
  • Lifting effect
  • Removes wrinkles 
  • Reconstructs collagen

Pellevé™ is one of the latest nonsurgical techniques designed for maintaining a young look. The treatment does not use the laser. It applies a patented system based on radio frequency waves (RF). The advanced Cool-Gel technology uses freezing gel to cool the external skin surface during the treatment while the RF energy gently warms and modifies soft tissues under the skin. This leads to contraction and tensioning of collagen fibres. The treatment is short and does not involve any loss of blood.

Pellevé™ may be applied in the treatment of such face skin problems as:

  • sagging chin 
  • nasolabial furrows 
  • wrinkles around lips 
  • wrinkles or furrows between eyebrows 
  • forehead lines
  • excess upper eyelid skin 
  • “crow’s feet” 
  • tired, sad facial expression

Effects visible as soon as after one treatment

Many patients notice first effects as soon as after one Pellevé™ treatment, but the development time of full effects is up to 6 months. The doctor will specify the correct number of treatments for you.

After the treatment

Basically, no convalescence period is required, in contrast to surgical cosmetic treatments. The patient may return to regular activity instantly. Slight local reddening is usually visible for less than one hour, but never longer than 24 hours.
Full effects of the treatment reveal gradually over several months; they may be expected to remain for one to two years, this time being variable in case of different patients. As in the case of any other cosmetic treatment, its effects may be expected to vanish over time.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Pellevé™ technique safe?
Yes. The Pellevé™ technique has been improved and developed over years of collecting experience with improved treatment methods and equipment using radio wave frequency (RF) energy. Ellman has offered its RF equipment on the market since 1969.

Is this a painful treatment?
Treatments using the Pellevé™ technique are performed without anaesthesia. Activation of the radio wave head is accompanied by a short sensation of mild or intensive heat in the treated area, immediately followed by the cooling effect of the cooling gel.

What effects can I expect?
The face and neck skin may become firmer, which ensures mild, nonsurgical effect of eyebrow lift and smoothening of the face. The treatment is frequently performed in case of sagging chin. The skin firming effect may be used to strengthen too loose or sagging skin covering other parts of the body, such as the belly or legs. Most patients notice treatment effects instantly. However, in some cases they may appear gradually over three to six months as the skin becomes firmer and new collagen fibres are formed. Depending on the treated area, looseness of the skin and expected results, more than one treatment may need to be performed.

How long will Pellevé™ treatment effects last?
Treatment effects last for 12 to 24 months. Just like before, the skin will undergo the normal ageing process and, eventually, you may want to undergo another treatment.

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