Because the time is running...

...and every skin cell, just like a clock, works according to a precise mechanism, VALMONT puts in practice all its knowledge on the methods of skin aging prevention, to free the face of any woman from effects connected with the passage of time. We offer cosmetic treatments which combine specialist knowledge, effective products and extremely precise manual techniques. To be able to prepare the most suitable programme for each client, we have developed a much more sophisticated method than ordinary diagnostics, which will let you discover the secrets of your skin in a very delicate manner. Because each skin is exceptional...

To let you remain young, our unique treatments successfully fight the main skin aging factors. Whether your skin lacks hydration, energy or radiance, has wrinkles or is sagging, VALMONT offers highly effective solutions which will become an inseparable element of your skin care.

Focusing on the impressions experienced by your body, we will help you understand the needs of your skin so that you can regain its vitality and radiance. What is more, to let you take advantage of VALMONT between the treatments, the beautician will propose a care programme to be followed at home, which will let you bring out all the beauty of your skin.


An element of each VALMONT BEAUTY RITUAL is the treatment whose detailed sequence may be fully adapted to meet the requirements and needs of each client’s needs. Depending on whether you have a spare half-hour between two meetings or you want to prolong the pleasure with Spa treatments, VALMONT proposes three treatment levels:

  • Express treatment
    High effectiveness of VALMONT care within the shortest possible time.
  • Full treatment
    Treatment with improved impact thanks to application of a collagen mask for best results.
  • Intensive treatment
    True beauty celebration, beginning with relaxing preparation ensuring effective relaxation of face muscles. While you slowly doze off into dreams... VALMONT magic begins to work.


Energising ritual – Vitality of Glaciers

Soin Vitalité des Glaciers 

Stress, pollution and high requirements of contemporary life gradually leave a mark on our skin. Day by day, the skin becomes increasingly dull, loses radiance and freshness as the cells are deprived of oxygen and nutritive ingredients.

Thanks to the Vitality of Glaciers treatment, which stimulates cell renewal, VALMONT ensures true skin regeneration, inspired with the amazing power of eternal snow. Once energy is regained, struggle with skin aging becomes exceptionally effective.

  • Express treatment, 30 minutes
    Thanks to massage on RENEWING PACK mask, all signs of fatigue disappear. The treatment is a must if you want quick effects before a date or an important event.
  • Full treatment, 70 minutes
    This original treatment is a source of energy and vigour, necessary for your skin’s beauty. It will make you look amazing.

Radiance ritual – Radiance of Snow

Soin Eclat des Neiges 

Uniform, bright and radiant skin is one of the main attributes of youth. To maintain or restore the radiance of fresh snow, vitamin C and white lupine extract impact its deep layers. The treatment reduces both minor imperfections and larger pigment spots, making the skin even in colour and radiant.

  • Express treatment, 30 minutes
    Thanks to the purifying properties of vitamin C, minor skin unevenness is smoothened. Within just 30 minutes, you will regain a bright and uniform skin.
  • Full treatment, 70 minutes
    Make your skin regain radiance like after a well slept night. The collagen mask applied during the treatment relaxes face muscles and makes the skin look more uniform.

Anti-wrinkle and firming ritual – Summits of Firmness

Soin Hauts Sommets du Lifting

With the passage of time, any unevenness of the skin will become increasingly explicit and the face contours – increasingly sharp. Although wrinkles and loss of firmness cannot be avoided, their visibility and intensity can be significantly reduced.

To stop or delay appearance of the most distinct signs of aging, VALMONT has used all its knowledge to develop the Summits of Firmness treatment, which provides you with intensive anti-wrinkle and firming effect.

  • Express treatment, 30 minutes
    Short program whose efficacy is due to the AWF lifting massage.
  • Full treatment, 65 minutes
    Thanks to focusing on areas most prone to aging, the treatment lets you regain a firmer and smoother skin.
  • Intensive treatment, 90 minutes
    INTENSIVE ICCT LIFT TREATMENT, lifting massage, collagen mask... let your skin get to the summit of what it deserves! Ideal treatment ensuring visible and lasting lifting effects and improving face skin density.
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