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Venefit – Radio thermoablation of lower limb varicose veins (VNUS)

Treatment overview

The therapy of superficial vein trunks with these treatments involves insertion inside an insufficient vein of a catheter, whose end emits a radio wave. The treatment is performed under local anaesthesia and USG control. The released heat causes destruction and, subsequently, closing of the insufficient vein. Any traces disappear within several weeks.

In line with the recommendations of the European and American forum of phebologists, the treatment is considered to be the "gold standard'.

An indisputable advantage of this kind of treatment is the possibility to quickly return to normal activity. The procedure is proven and characterised with minimum invasiveness; it demonstrates high effectiveness. After 5 years, app. 94% of closed veins are recorded.

Advantages of the treatment:

Removal of the symptoms within 2 days;In outpatient clinic conditions;Under local anaesthesia;Mini phlebectomy performed at the same time;

Return to regular activity within just a few days.

Venefit – Radio thermoablation of lower limb varicose veins (VNUS)

Is this a painful treatment?

In most patient surveys, slight painfulness experienced during the treatment is reported only, if at all. The doctor will administer local anaesthesia in order to eliminate pain sensation in the treated area.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

Most patients observe significant improvement as soon as 1-2 weeks after the treatment.

Venefit – Radio thermoablation of lower limb varicose veins (VNUS)

Therapy schedule

The treatment is performed within the one-day surgery system. The patient spends a few hours at the clinic.

Using USG assistance, through a small skin incision, the doctor passes into the vein a thin catheter powered with radio frequency current. The radio wave emits heat into the vessel wall, causing its constriction and closing of the vein light. Once the vessel is closed, the blood stream flowing through the vessel is automatically redirected to healthy veins.

After the treatment, dressing is placed onto the catheter insertion area; moreover, the doctor may instruct application of additional supported pressure.

Venefit – Radio thermoablation of lower limb varicose veins (VNUS)

Post-treatment recommendations

After the treatment, the patient usually returns to regular activity within one day and experiences minimum pain discomfort. Typical convalescence period only lasts a few days. For a few weeks after the treatment, the doctor may instruct regular rehabilitation, e.g. walking, while refraining from excessive physical effort (e.g. weightlifting) or remaining in the standing position for a longer time.

Contraindications and side effects

Blood clot in the vein section to be treated.
In most of the operated patients, we only find slight post-surgery traces such as scars, swellings or subcutaneous effusions, or no traces at all.


  • Varices of large venous trunks
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