Breast implants

Breast implants

What is a breast implant? 

As every woman is different and has different dreams, many kinds of breast implants have been developed to satisfy individual needs.

The breast implant consists of a silicone bag filled with silicone gel or saline solution. The implants have a round shape or the shape of a teardrop (anatomical). They are also available in an extensive range of shapes and sizes.

Those versatile properties help achieve the desired result. The surgeon will tell you more about different kinds of implants and help you choose the right implant for you.

“When I touched the implant, it did not differ significantly from the real breast"
– Minela – real patient, real results


Preparation before the surgery

First, before scheduling the procedure, the surgeon will make sure that your health condition is good, you are well informed and your expectations with respect to the effects, risks and the post-surgery period are realistic.

It is also important that the surgeon understands what size breasts you want to have. Breast measurements are performed before the surgery and the surgeon makes certain drawings on your chest skin.

The surgeon will also make a decision concerning placement of the implant, depending on your physical structure. Among others, this depends on the quantity of the breast tissue and whether you are planning to practise intensive physical exercise.

Surgical cuts 

During the breast plastic surgery, the cut may be made in 3 places:

  1. Under the nipple – the cut is made in the inframammary fold.
  2. Around the areola – the cut is made along the border of the areola, next to the nipple.
  3. Under the armpit – the cut is made within the armpit cavity.
Breast implants

Location options 

The breast implant may be partly or wholly locate under the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular) or above the muscle, under the glandular tissue (subglandular), depending on thickness of the breast tissue and its capability to cover the implant properly.

 Breast implants  Breast implants  Breast implants

Breast before the appearance improvement surgery

 Breast after placement of the implant under the glandular tissue

 Breast after placement of the implant under the muscle tissue

After the surgery

During the period of convalescence after the surgery, depending on the surgeon’s recommendations, you may have dressing around the breasts and your doctor may also recommend wearing a post-surgery bra or elastic bandage. After removal of sutures, the doctor may recommend delicate massage of the scar and the breast using   cream or fluid (recommended by the doctor) to avoid dryness of the skin.

Only general recommendations have been presented above. All women are different; therefore, it is important to strictly observe specific instructions of the doctor and consult the surgeon during the post-surgical observation period. You should always consult the doctor or pharmacist before local administration of any medicine (e.g. steroids) in the breast area after the breast augmentation surgery. If any clinical tests or surgical procedures in the breast area are planned, the doctor or nurse should be advised of the implant. You are recommended to always carry with you the patient’s card obtained after the surgery, to facilitate medical assistance in case of emergency (e.g. in case of a car accident). Natrelle™ – your natural choice

Breast implants

Natrelle – your natural choice 

Natrelle™ implants are manufactured in strict compliance with quality control guidelines in order to considerably reduce the possibility of complications. All implants produced by Allergan, both the round and anatomically shaped ones, have a special protective capsule, aimed at reducing diffusion of silicone.

Allergan implants with a rough surface have a unique texture, which facilitates adherence to the tissue and allows maintaining correct position of the implant. The texture allows significant reduction of the risk related to capsule constriction.

Obtaining the desired shape is of utmost importance, and it may influence implant selection. Some implants have a round shape, whereas others resemble a teardrop, which makes them similar to the natural breast shape (these are called anatomical implants).


Round implants: Basically, round implants make the upper part of the breast seem fuller.

Anatomical implants: Their shape is more natural, it resembles a teardrop, which lets them imitate natural contours of the body.

 Breast implants Breast implants 

Offered by Allergan, the Natrelle™ collection incorporates 25 years of breast augmentation experience in 60 countries of the world.

Safety: To evaluate long-term safety of Natrelle™ breast implants, Allergan conducted extensive clinical trials in the United States of America and in Europe. The results demonstrate that the rupture ratio is low in the long-term in case of implants filled with silicone gel.

In-depth tests: Natrelle™ breast implants undergo over 100 quality control tests to ensure that they meet highest quality control standards required by Allergan. The quality control tests are supported by an extensive guarantee programme which reflects Allergan’s commitment to quality assurance.

Continuous research: Through ongoing research, Allergan continuously evaluates long-term safety of the whole line of our elegant breast implants filled with silicone gel, ensuring its patients with the calmness they need while selecting the implant.

Breast implants

Choosing Natrelle™ silicone gel filled implants, you will be even calmer thanks to the exceptional NatrellePLUS™ guarantee programme you will be covered with automatically. This guarantee covers loss of implant capsule continuity, resulting in its rupture, which requires surgical intervention

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