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Cynosure TRIPLEX

Treatment overview

Cynosure Triplex is a state of the art laser system used for constriction and firming of skin in many body parts, laser liposuction, permanent treatment of excessive sweating. 3 different laser wave lengths cause strong constriction of the skin, dissolution of fat tissue and removal of fibrous tissue (cellulite) as well as damage to the sweat glands.

Major indications for Cynosure Triplex include:

  • Neck lift, alternative to surgical lift, removal of fat from the chin and lower face part along with tightening of the skin
  • Removal of fat from the belly area and sides of the body along with tightening of the skin
  • Flabby belly skin (after intensive weight loss or labour)
  • Flabby skin and excessive fat tissue on the arms
  • Slimming and firming of thighs
  • Slimming and firming of the knee area
  • Slimming of calves
  • Male gynecomastia
  • Excessive sweating in the armpit cavities

A significant advantage of this multifunctional device is minimum convalescence – patients return home immediately after the treatment and can return to work on the following day. In case of adiposity, the Cynosure Triplex procedure may be combined with classical liposuction. This dramatically increases effects of fat tissue reduction, while maintaining patient safety and comfort.

Is this a painful treatment?

The procedure is conducted under local anaesthesia, which is in some cases supported with short intravenous anaesthesia; therefore, the patient does not experience pain during the procedure. Slight discomfort may appear after the treatment, when the anaesthesia stops working.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

Skin firming: Immediately after the procedure, the skin constriction effect is insignificant (up to 20% of the target improvement), but week by week the skin becomes more and more tightened to reach complete thermal reconstruction after 3 months. The effect lasts for a few years.

Laser liposuction: After the procedure, the treated skin is usually somewhat swollen, which may last even as long as 6-12 weeks. As the swelling disappears, the fat reduction and skin firming effect becomes more and more visible. Provided that a healthy lifestyle is pursued, the effect is durable. For patients who want to achieve an immediate slimming effect, we suggest a combination of laser and classical liposuction.

Excessive sweating: The effect of a single treatment is durable in 70% of patients and it appears immediately after the procedure. In 10% of patients, the treatment should be repeated.

Therapy schedule

Before the treatment, please consult the doctor and make the recommended basic blood tests. The procedure is performed in the surgery room. Under local anaesthesia, through a minimum puncture, a very thin fibre optic cord is inserted into the fat tissue, by which the doctor exposes the fat tissue, connective tissue partitions in the fat tissue, and the skin. The procedure, which is painless, takes approximately 0.5-1.5 hour. Immediately afterwards, the patient rests for about one hour in a special relaxation room equipped with a bathroom, TV and the internet, after which he or she can go home. At the patient’s request or in case of liposuction of considerable quantities of fat, we recommend that the patient stays at the Clinic overnight, under specialist care.

Post-treatment recommendations

After the treatment, we recommend wearing special high quality post-treatment clothes, supplied by the Clinic, for 2 weeks. After treatments in the face and neck area, a special firming dressing is used, but only at night. Post-treatment restrictions concern sports activities for 2 weeks in case of laser liposuction. Apply sun protection for app. 2-4 weeks after the treatment.

Contraindications and adverse effects

Cellulaze should not be performed in case of patients who:

  • Take antiplatelet medicines, anticoagulants, thrombolytic medicines, certain anti-inflammatory medicines or medicines which may cause sensitization to light;
  • Suffer from infections;
  • Have open wounds or a disease in the treated area;
  • Recently underwent surgeries in the abdominal area or suffer from disorders connected with the hypogastrium area (e.g. hernia, colon ulcers, etc.);
  • Recently underwent surgeries in the treated area (for up to 12 months);
  • Suffer from poor healing;
  • Have problems with blood circulation;
  • Pregnant women.

Most frequent side effects include slight discomfort, bruising, swelling and temporary lack of sensation in the treated area. All side effects cease completely after the maximum of 3 months after the treatment. 


  • Laser firming of the skin
  • Laser firming of the body
  • Laser liposuction
  • Permanent treatment of excessive sweating
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