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LIPOFILLING ADIVIVE – precise and safe silhouette shaping

LIPOFILLING ADIVIVE –  precise and safe silhouette shaping

Treatment overview

ADIVIVE is an innovative system allowing separation of fat tissue; effects of implantation of the obtained material include volumetric lifting of breasts and buttocks, as well as lasting correction of atrophic scars.

Advantages of the treatment include:

  • natural filling effect,
  • skin cell stimulation,
  • usually unlimited quantity of filling material, i.e. of the patient’s own fat tissue,
  • psychical comfort,
  • low risk of complications,
  • relatively short treatment duration and convalescence period;
  • no marks: small cuts necessary to extract the fat tissue are healed within a few days,
  • possibility to combine with other treatments.

Fat tissue extracted during the treatment undergoes separation by means of the patented F.P.U. (fat processing unit) filter technology. This allows obtaining a fraction without old and damaged cells, not only rich in the youngest, vital fat cells, but also in priceless stem cells.

It is this fraction that is used for precise shaping of the body. Implanted cells are accepted without any problems, become vascularised and begin functioning in the transplant area, being a natural, autogenous filler. That significantly increases effectiveness and durability of procedure effects without the need to implant an excessive quantity of material. The fundamental disadvantage of fat transfers performed so far was vanishing of the filling effect. Only up to 30% of the fat volume is considered to remain durably at the place of implantation in the case of traditional treatments.

The fact that the transplant is not rejected, i.e. post-treatment safety, constitutes another advantage of the treatment.

Mechanical fat tissue extraction may be performed simultaneously with the NIL liposuction treatment, thus ensuring complex effects and correct profiling of the silhouette.

Lipofilling is a safe treatment, distinguished by low invasiveness and low risk of complications; another advantage is its natural character, i.e. no “foreign” substances (such as hyaluronic acid) or materials (e.g. implants) used. The filling material does not involve the risk of allergic reactions and may be applied in any area, as it is obtained from the same patient.

This is a safe and proven method with regard to breast related procedures, in particular for women who feel discomfort related to small size and underdevelopment of their breasts:

  • size augmentation (usually by one size);
  • shaping;
  • increased firmness;
  • after mastectomy in order to reconstruct the breasts;

improvement of the condition of the body and breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Is this a painful treatment?

The treatment procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

The treatment effect is visible already after a few days – the skin becomes more elastic, looks younger and the treated area increases in volume, whereas the rejuvenating effect increases gradually over three months. As a result of ADIVIVE, the filling effect lasts for many years in a nearly unchanged form (app. 80% of the initial volume remains in the area of implantation). 

LIPOFILLING ADIVIVE –  precise and safe silhouette shaping

Therapy schedule

Medical consultation with the doctor who orders tests necessary to determine the patient’s health condition and to qualify for the treatment (blood tests and breast USG) is required before the Adivive treatment.

The procedure begins with extraction the patient’s own fat tissue with a cannula, usually from the hip, belly or thigh area. Using the Adivive system, the most valuable fraction is separated from obtained fat tissue, that is the healthiest and youngest tissue enriched with stem cells. Next, the extracted material is implanted in the selected body part. The treatment is absolutely sterile, as it is performed in a closed system.

LIPOFILLING ADIVIVE –  precise and safe silhouette shaping

LIPOFILLING ADIVIVE –  precise and safe silhouette shaping

LIPOFILLING ADIVIVE –  precise and safe silhouette shaping

Post-treatment recommendations

Already a few days after the treatment, the patient may return to regular activity.

For 2 weeks, the patient should refrain from:

  • hot baths,
  • sauna,
  • swimming pool.

Physical effort should also be avoided during the first week.

Areas from which the fat tissue is extracted ought to be massaged gently and covered with special compression dressings.

Contraindications and side effects

  • incorrect blood coagulation factors,
  • administration of blood thinning medicines (e.g. aspirin),
  • thrombosis in medical history,
  • infections,
  • autoimmune diseases,
  • certain breast diseases,
  • hypersensitivity to certain medicines,
  • certain liver and kidney diseases,
  • insufficient body weight


  • augmentation of breasts;
  • augmentation of buttocks;
  • shaping of calves;
  • accentuation of chest muscles;
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