Recommendations postoperative

  1. It is necessary to stay at the clinic for 1 day after a surgery lasting 2-3 hours.
  2. A flexible clothing will be put on after the surgery, and should be worn all day and night for the next 6 weeks. This is the minimum period and many patients wear it even longer. The clothing may be washed at home.
  3. For the first 2 weeks :
    1. Any effort is forbidden
    2. Avoid constipation
    3. Do not take analgesics on an empty stomach, as this may cause vomiting
    4. Failure to abide by the above prohibitions may cause bleeding or haemorrhage, which may require additional surgery.
  4. For the first 3 weeks following the surgery :
    1. Smoking is forbidden
    2. It is forbidden to drink coffee or soft drinks containing caffeine frequently
    3. It is not allowed to stay in the same room with active smokers
    4. Drinking alcohol is forbidden.
  5. Upon the dressing removal, do not be surprised that the area after the liposuction is swollen or bruised. It usually subsides after 2-3 weeks, although the oedema may be present up to 6 months in some patients.
  6. You may start applying Cicaplast on scars after 10 days from the surgery and apply it twice daily for the next 3 months. The cream should be applied with a thin layer. Cicaplast prevents the creation of thick hypertrophic scars.
  7. For 2 months following the surgery it is necessary to limit physical activity as much as possible. Avoid tensioning and lifting heavy objects. Do not drive for a week after the surgery.
  8. You may restart jogging, swimming, playing tennis, lifting heavier objects after 2 months and only if there is no discomfort bound therewith.
  9. Completely avoid sunlight and solarium for 6 months after the surgery.
  10. On 5-7th day following the surgery you should start massaging the operated areas and continue for the next 2 months (three times a week).
  11. SmartLux (LED therapy) 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks.
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