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d’or Treatment – 24K gold treatment

d’or Treatment – 24K gold treatment

D’or Treatment – Gold Treatment

Gold has always been considered by the upper classes as a valuable metal – symbol of wealth, power and wellbeing. Now, Selvert Thermal introduces gold into cosmetics to make it available to anyone who wants to improve the condition of their skin in a spectacular manner, ensuring its wellbeing and eternal youth.

A long time ago, at the emperor’s court in China doctors used gold sheets, crushed and sprinkled over the body, to protect the body against external aggressions, to nourish and vitalise the blood.

Thanks to the emperors’ medicine and extensive technological research it has been proven that pure gold is an outstanding, noble, mild and valuable metal, which offers a vast range of luxurious properties to the body, both therapeutic and cosmetic.

Selvert Thermal selects gold as the primary ingredient of 24k Soin d’Or, doing that for a number of reasons. The first and most important reason is the fact that gold stimulates vital energy, supports prolongation of cellular life and strengthens the impact of accompanying new active ingredients.

What other properties will gold offer to our skin? 

Gold itself has a number of beneficial properties and impacts. These include:

  • Stimulation of cell reproduction and regeneration, supporting the processes of treatment, migration and metabolism of cells.
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis, ensuring immediate effect of tightness and intensive moisturising from the dermis.
  • Protection against environmental aggression, increased skin immunity and contributing into development of its immunity because – thanks to the molecular structure of this precious metal – gold helps fight cellular aging and creates a protective shield which enhances protective properties of the epidermis and protects it against the impact of time, external aggressions and false allergens.
  • Anti-inflammatory and hypoallergenic activity.
  • Activation of blood micro-circulation, which ensures vitality and radiance to the skin.

How will we find gold in 24K Soin d’Or?

This precious metal can be found in 24K Soin d’Or cosmetics in the form of micro-particles of pure, 24-karat gold, which affect the skin as “enzymes” and make the above effects come true.

Active ingredients


Composition: 100% pure 24-karat gold.

Cosmetic properties: This precious metal has a number of beneficial properties to the skin, which quickly become evident because of the instant firming effect and increased radiance. Yet, its advantages do not end here. Active ingredients which accompany gold in the cosmetic formula increase its efficacy.


Composition: 100% pearl powder.

Cosmetic properties: Firming, regenerating, softening

Pearl powder is obtained using pearls and the process of micronisation [fragmentation] in low temperatures. This ultra-rare powder is particularly soft and silky in touch. Various scientific analyses have proven that thanks to the presence of protein and necessary amino acids, the powder increases skin elasticity and stimulates the activity of dermis cells, facilitating the regeneration and firming of the skin.


Composition: 100% diamond powder.

Cosmetic properties: Natural exfoliator

Precious stone characterised with exceptional hardness in the natural condition. Powdered into microscopic particles or in the form of micro-crystals, diamond is ideal for eliminating dead cells from the skin surface.


Composition: Resveratrol, sugars, organic acids (erythraric acid and apple acid), tannins.

Cosmetic properties: Anti-oxidising, protective and moisturising

Grape extract (Vitis Vinifera) has a versatile composition, rich in active ingredients characterised with very high cosmetic efficacy. Latest research demonstrates that grape extract contains a substance which is highly effective in anti-aging treatments: Resveratrol. This ingredient is particularly concentrated in the grape peel and it is generated when grapes suffer climatic stress. It demonstrates a broad range of cosmetic properties: protects against free radicals, anti-inflammatory, protects against allergies and protects the integrity of the cell DNA.


Composition: 100% peptide: ACETYL GLUTAMYL HEPTAPEPTIDE-1.

Cosmetic properties: Anti-wrinkle, relaxing

Peptide-8 is a small peptide with 8 necessary amino acids, which effectively reduces the depth of face wrinkles within just 28 days, particularly on the forehead, in the mouth and eyes area. Its high efficacy was proven during an anti-wrinkle study conducted on 17 participants at the dose of 10% of Peptide-8. It was demonstrated that an average wrinkle improvement by 35% may be achieved within less than a month, with extreme wrinkle reduction effects at 63%.


Composition: Oily extract rich in alkyl amides, extracted from Spilanthes Acmella flowers.

Cosmetic properties: Gives shape, firms, has anti-aging properties

SPILANTHES ACMELLA is a plant from the subtropical regions which, thanks to its composition, has become an innovative active vegetal ingredient with firming and anti-wrinkle properties, helping stimulate natural firmness capability of the skin.

The effects of SPILANTHES ACMELLA are visible already after the first application; it instantly increases skin density and firmness, which results in a more compact texture.

The influence of this ingredient onto the supporting tissue enables quick reorganisation of collagen fibres and visible smoothing of the skin.


Composition: 100% lactobionic acid.

Cosmetic properties: Cellular renewal, anti-inflammatory, moisturising, depigmentation

The molecule of lactobionic acid appeared as a result of studies on salicylic acid as an attempt to optimise its efficacy and safety. Derived from salicylic acid with an implanted fatty chain, which makes it extremely similar to lipids in the cornified layer membrane.

Various comparative analyses have been performed with lactobionic acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid in order to determine their effectiveness in stimulating cellular renewal in the epidermis. The results demonstrate that lactobionic acid significantly enlarges the primary epidermis layer and increases the softness and uniformity of the skin.


Composition: 100% hyaluronic acid.

Cosmetic properties: Moisturising, film-forming, anti-wrinkle, softening

Hyaluronic acid is one of the basic skin ingredients. With the passage of time and external aggressions it depletes and its functions in the skin become weaker. The anti-aging and anti-dehydration skin treatment, using the synergetic combination of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, allows maintaining correct hydration and elasticity of the skin, mitigates and minimises wrinkles.


Composition: Its comprehensive composition includes 96% ceramides which make it extremely stable when heated up, thanks to which it maintains its properties despite the passage of time. Its composition includes vitamin E and linoleic acid.

Cosmetic properties: Moisturising, protective and softening

Jojoba oil, also known as “vegetable gold”, easily and deeply penetrates into the skin. As a rich moisturiser, it regulates circulation of water from the inside to the outside of the dermis and back, and so it prevents dehydration and resulting wrinkles, making the skin firm and young-looking. It acts as an effective and natural cosmetic treatment – nourishing, softening, moisturising and protecting all kinds of skin, including extremely dry skin.


Composition: Its versatile and comprehensive composition includes: vitamins A and E, carotenoids, triterpene alcohol (calenduladiol), sterols and phenol acids.

Cosmetic properties: Calming, anti-inflammatory, softening, regenerating, antiseptic

Vegetable oil with excellent skin nourishing properties. It supplies vitamins, as well as regenerating and softening substances. It provides products with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and therapeutic properties.


Composition: 100% zinc oxide.

Cosmetic properties: Protecting, calming, anti-irritation

The primary function of zinc oxide is protection of the epidermis tissue against irritation and erythema.

Thanks to these protective properties, it is applied in a broad range of cosmetic products: face masks, compresses, ointments... for treatment of sensitive and delicate skin, to ensure its protection and calming down.


Composition: Many plants synthetize complex chemical structures, which are formed by combination of various sugars. One of such chemical structures is referred to as biosaccharide. It is a polysaccharide with low molecular weight, formed from units of mucus, galactose and galacturonic acid.

Cosmetic properties: Anti-swelling, anti-irritation, anti-allergenic and hydrating.

In many cases, accidental or repeated contact of the skin with allergens present in environmental pollutions causes an allergenic reaction, which usually begins with erythema, swelling and/or itching. At present, considering growing environment pollution, an increasing number of people react in this way. Sensitive skins, allergic skins or skins exposed to continuous impact of environmental pollution benefit from the effect of biosaccharide. Thanks to high mucus concentration, biosaccharide selectively attaches to the receptors of skin cells which recognise allergens and, consequently, it blocks allergenic reactions and reduces reactive intolerance of the skin. On the other hand, thanks to a special chemical structure of this trisaccharide, it guarantees a high hydrating capability, which, on the long run, exceeds that of hyaluronic acid.

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