See the final effect of a face or body surgery in the 3D technology, thanks to the innovative VECTRA XT device.

Many people do not want to undergo procedures involving surgical intervention as they fear they will look unnatural or, for example, the implant size will be too large.

As the first dermatological clinic in Poland, Ambroziak Estederm Clinic uses Vectra XT for precise imaging of the shape, contour and colour of selected parts of the patient’s face and body. It is the only device which lets the patient really see what she or he will look like after the surgery.

Doctors in the USA who already use this equipment claim that at present they do not imagine they could work without Vectra XT. Indeed, patients request 3D pictures as only that allows their active participation in the consultation and lets them evaluate the results of changes in compliance with their anatomical structure. It is particularly useful to simulate results of wrinkle filling treatments, shaping and augmentation of the lips and cheek bones. Both doctors and patients unanimously agree that a 3D image is worth more than 1000 words.

VECTRA XT obtains the 3D image thanks to synchronisation of several digital two-dimensional images. Next, the system software processes the input information and generates a very accurate map of the shape and colour of the given body part in the 3D technology. The whole process only takes a few milliseconds – as a result, possible movement of the patient does not interrupt operation of the system (e.g. if the patient is a small child). The finished 3D file is stored in the computer memory. The patient views the image on the computer screen and once the final decision is made, the picture is saved and used by the doctor during the surgery.

Advantages of VECTRA XT:

  • Imaging of all body parts in the 3D technology
  • Simulation of procedure results by:
    • Evaluation of possible effects of the slimming equipment
    • Visualisation of the patient’s silhouette in clothes
    • Selection and visual implementation of tissue implants (hyaluronic acid, own fat, calcium hydroxyapatite)  
  • High resolution, which ensures rendering of finest details in the best possible quality
  • Control of nevi and archiving of dermatoscopy photographs
  • Greater span of images
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