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Procedure description

Maintaining balance between fat production and its elimination is natural process involving fat cells (adipocytes). Despite healthy lifestyle and regular physical exercises, fat deposition becomes more and more visible with age. Effect of this process includes cellulite and excess fat deposited.

Patented slimming technique restores fat-burning process (lipolysis), and it eliminates local deposits and imperfections. Mechanical stimulation of LPG Roll causes biological response of the organism: it reactivates fat-burning and it restores production of collagen and elastin.


  • sculpted figure
  • naturally firmer and smoother skin
  • noticeable cellulite on the skin surface reduced by 20%


Is this procedure painful?

The procedure may be described as nice and painless. During the procedure, tissue suction is noticeable.

Therapy plan

After individual figure evaluation and setting goals to be achieved, the procedure program is established, which will be tailored to the patient’s needs. This patented slimming technique is 100% natural and painless.

Set up your goal to achieve:

  • sculpting
  • firming
  • smoothing
  • slimming

Also special clothing will be offered to you for this procedure. This clothing intended for LPG body procedures was designed in order to ensure maximum comfort and efficacy of the procedure. It is manufactured from the single thread, so it is completely seamless, which ensures comfort of the patient during the procedure. The clothing is packed into a convenient and esthetic bag with an additional pocket intended for storage of your personal flip-flops for facial procedures.


Post-procedural recommendations

In order to obtain the best possible results of slimming, combine your individual Lipomassage™ program with Soins Techniques LPR®, leading line of cosmetics directly inspired by Endermologie®.

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  • pregnancy (except for the legs)
  • thrombophlebitis
  • neoplasm
  • infections,  skin rashes
  • inflammations
  • anticoagulants
  • hemopathies 
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