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MedContour Medical

Treatment overview

Med Contour is an effective and completely non-invasive procedure designed for reduction of cellulite and removal of fat tissue from the body.

The device emits ultrasound waves that become superimposed and multiplied in the fat tissue; this results in cavitation which breaks up and liquefies fat cells. The special patented Med Contour Medical head has two inclined ultrasound emitters and a suction system ensuring proper placement of the skin on the emitters. On the skin surface, ultrasound intensity is relatively low, whereas in the fat tissue – which the procedure is targeted at – the waves meet and superimpose onto each other, and their intensity increases by four times.

Other devices using ultrasound waves concentrate them in a very small area, as a result of which the effects of treatment are unsatisfactory. As a result of the innovative technology of ultrasound wave amplification used by Med Contour Medical, the area where they cross is large, which translates into the speed and high effectiveness of this method. An external symptom of the therapy is blushing and temporary growth of temperature on the skin surface to 42-44oC. Mild skin redness disappears several dozen minutes after the procedure.

Broken up and liquefied during the session, the fat is transported through lymphatic passages. This process is strengthened by performing lymphatic drainage constituting the final phase of each procedure. Removal of fat from the body takes place during natural metabolic processes which may be accelerated by increasing the volume of consumed liquids and physical activity.

Is this a painful treatment?

During treatment, the patient experiences pleasant warmth. Med Contour Medical is a completely non-painful and non-invasive treatment, it does not require any anaesthetisation. It is relaxing, with some patients falling asleep during the treatment.

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

The treatment causes an immediate and noticeable cellulite reduction effect. It also results in reduction of local adiposity and improves skin appearance. The effects are visible already after the first session and increase with each subsequent procedure.

Med Contour Medical destroys fat cells; therefore, the effect of the procedure is permanent. Fat cells in the treated area do not become reconstructed, which allows avoiding the “yoyo” effect. Yet, you must remember that inappropriate diet, sitting lifestyle and insufficient physical activity may result in further accumulation of fat tissue, which will take place evenly over different body parts. On the other hand, chronic blood circulation disorders in combination with unhealthy lifestyle result in recurrence of cellulite. Therefore, as a result of the nature of the problem being treated, periodic treatments are recommended.

Therapy schedule

In most patients, the cellulite reduction effect and reduced volume of fat tissue are visible already after the first session. Depending on the treated area, best effects require a series of Med Contour Medical treatments. Their number depends on evaluation of the condition and size of the area to be treated. The therapy usually includes from 4 to 6 treatments carried out at weekly intervals.

Post-treatment recommendations

Med Contour Medical is a so-called “lunch treatment” – you can return to your normal activity instantly. Your skin may only be slightly blushed and warmed up for about one hour, but as soon as about one hour after the treatment there are no contraindications against bathing and sunshine exposition, without the risk of photo-discolouration. Ideally, the procedure should be supported by healthy diet and moderate physical activity.

Contraindications and adverse effects

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Neoplasms
  • Electronic and metal implants
  • Cardiac pacemaker
  • Auto-immunological diseases.

The procedure does not involve any side effects. Delicate redness of the skin, caused by the treatment, disappears within approximately an hour after the procedure. In exceptional cases, symptoms of mild burns are observed, which usually do not leave permanent marks on the skin.


  • Local adiposity
  • Cellulite
  • Body skin firming
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