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Smartlux (LED therapy) – Silhouette shaping

Also known as “phototherapy”, light therapy takes advantage of the therapeutic effect of visible light to heal or considerably improve the condition in certain diseases, especially in the area of dermatology.

Human body transforms light energy into biological energy, just as it is done by plants during the photosynthesis process, i.e. by engaging numerous body cells to achieve that.

The mitochondrion, i.e. the energy “generator” in the cell is equipped with the cytochrome c oxidase – a light sensitive receptor. Light activates this receptor; this contributes to increased activity of the whole mitochondrion, which begins producing greater quantities of adenosine triphosphate enzyme, i.e. of the cell energy carrier. As we can see, light may have direct influence onto cellular activity.

What are the effects of those processes?

Stimulation of fibroblasts causes increased production of collagen and elastin. Skin elasticity is increased and wrinkles become significantly more shallow.

However, the range of applications is much broader: light also demonstrates anti-inflammatory effect, it may have positive influence onto the body’s immunity and contribute to its regeneration. Therefore, light therapy plays a very interesting role in the treatment of acne, stretch marks, rosacea, old age spots, varices, herpes, psoriasis, venous ulcers and wrinkles, as well as in the healing processes or hair growth stimulation processes.

What are the benefits of the LED technology?

  • Relieving pain
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Skin revitalisation
  • Immunity improvement
  • Minimum risk of adverse side effects
  • No limitations with respect to skin phototype
  • Possibility to perform treatments at any time of the year
  • After treatment, the patient immediately returns to normal activity
  • Quick and effective treatments.

The method is 100% safe and efficient, very precise, adapted to the needs of the patient’s skin, non-invasive, it does not cause social criticism and has a very broad range of applications.

There are virtually no contraindications against LED light treatment; the treatment itself is very pleasant, it allows application on very large treated areas and may be applied together with other techniques.

The apparatus has the European CE certificate for medical equipment and it is registered at the Polish Office for Medical Products.

Smartlux (LED) and silhouette shaping

Smartlux (LED therapy) – Silhouette shaping

Stretch marks, scars, redness and other skin problems may effectively discourage you from showing off your silhouette. Traditional treatment methods sometimes fail and regular application of specialised cosmetics is also ineffective. Then, it is a good idea to open yourself to novelties and trust proven technologies.

Therapies conducted with the use of LED lamps have broad applications both in the treatment of serious diseases and mild but non-aesthetical skin lesions.

The LED technology is a breakthrough in the treatment of stretch marks. Even the best cosmetics and care can only deal with freshly developed stretch marks. Yet, the development of scars out of stretch marks is not yet a final verdict. LED radiation is effective in case of any stage of stretch marks, irrespective of the size, colour and time of formation. Thus, it contributes to improving the appearance of body parts most exposed to development of stretch marks: belly, thighs, breasts and waist.

Moreover, it tones the skin and fights non-attractive cellulite. The activity of light improves micro-circulation of blood in the cells, thus increasing the quantity of oxygen. This results in better blood supply and nutrition of the exposed area. In consequence, the area gets purified, which is one of the factors supporting cellulite reduction.

Your way towards a beautiful silhouette is individual, therefore

  • Each kind of proposed therapies is preceded by an initial consultation and selection of appropriate treatment schedule
  • Proposed treatments are based on the results of the initial examination, tailored to meet the physical needs and wishes of the given person
  • Slimming treatments are comfortable, because your mind is just as important as the body, and they may be applied both to women and men.

Smartlux (LED therapy) – Silhouette shaping


  • Silhouette shaping (body slimming and shaping);
  • Cellulite reduction;
  • Metabolism boost;
  • Breaking up of fat deposits;
  • Improved tension and firmness of the skin, e.g. of sagging belly skin, flabby arms;
  • Lifting and firming of buttocks and breasts.
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