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Thermolifting Zaffiro

Thermolifting Zaffiro

Treatment overview 

Completely non-invasive rejuvenating treatment which improves the condition of face and body skin. Zaffiro® emits infrared (IR) radiation which, while heating collagen fibres, constricts them to their original length and lets the skin regain its elasticity and firmness quickly, while smoothing the wrinkles. By constricting existing collagen fibres and synthesis of new ones, Zaffiro® instantly increases the tightness and density of treated skin. The therapy results in reduction of wrinkles, more shallow naso-labial furrow, it uplifts sagging cheeks and corrects the face oval.

Zaffiro® liquidates flabbiness and sagging of skin on the face, neck and the whole body:

  • It perfectly constricts the skin on women’s bellies after childbirth, also in the case of skin with stretch marks;
  • Liquidates skin flabbiness on the inner side of arms and thighs, shapes the area above the knees.

It improves the cleavage skin and has positive influence onto the appearance of breasts which surrender to gravity with age.

Is this a painful treatment?

During the treatment, the patient experiences – alternately – cool and warmth, which does not cause discomfort. Termo-lifting Zaffiro® is a completely painless treatment and it does not require local anaesthesia.

Thermolifting Zaffiro

When does the effect appear and how long does it last?

The effect is noticeable instantly after the first treatment!

Effects of the Zaffiro® therapy result from reconstruction of the protein scaffold of our skin. The process is time-consuming. Instant thermo-constriction of the collagen fibres in the skin makes the effect noticeable already on the treatment day. Development of new collagen fibres – neo-collagen genesis takes 1-6 months and is the process which ensures lasting and natural effects for years.

Sustaining treatments – which we recommend once in every 3-6 months – ensure continuous skin collagen reconstruction process and, therefore, they stop or even reverse the skin aging process.

Therapy schedule

The number of treatments necessary to achieve the effect depends on condition of the skin and its quality. The therapy begins with a consultation with a specialist doctor to consult the condition of the skin and find out the patient’s requirements. The therapy usually includes from 4 to 6 face and neck treatments and up to 8 belly, arms and thighs treatments. In case of patients with not very advanced aging process, even 1 treatment may be sufficient.

Post-treatment recommendations

Thermolifting Zaffiro is a so-called lunch treatment – after the treatment, the patient may immediately return to normal activity. The skin may only be slightly blushed, heated, and the patient may experience a feeling which accompanies normal, light suntan.

Thermolifting Zaffiro

Contraindications and adverse effects

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • Open wounds,
  • Active neoplastic processes (subject to the doctor’s evaluation),
  • Metal implants within the area of treated skin,
  • Gold thread implantation treatment performed in the patient,
  • Period of two weeks after application of fillers.

Treatment safety has been confirmed during clinical studies as well as by the CE certificate.

Swelling or redness around the treated area may only appear in a very few cases, but these disappear within a few days.


  • Wrinkles,
  • Flabby skin.
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