Diagnosis of Allergies

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Skin allergies are among the most frequent reasons for patients to visit a dermatologist. They may take the form of allergic contact dermatitis or atopic dermatitis.

Symptoms are triggered or exacerbated by a number of inhalatory, food and contact allergens, the detection of which allows effective treatment of allergies and their symptoms and prevention of their recurrence.
TRUE TEST is an epidermal patch test, i.e. a set of 24 specific allergens in the form of ready made patches used for provocative tests in the diagnosis of contact dermatitis.

Allergens are applied to the skin in the form of flexible patches, which do not disturb the patient's comfort. After 48 hours, when the patches are removed, the first reading is taken. The schedule of subsequent visits and further diagnostics is adapted to the patient's individual needs. Blood allergy tests in Warsaw, i.e. assessment of the presence of class E antibodies (IgE) in the patient's blood. Depending on the allergy diagnosis planned, the test may include:

overall level of antibodies (total IgE),
specific IgE levels (possible selection from numerous allergens, such as dust components, mites, animal hair, feathers, grass, cereals, insect venoms, certain foods and many others,
allergen panels are screening tests covering groups of inhalatory and food allergens.

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